Food Friday: Paleo Challenge 90/120

It’s been slightly more than ninety days since I started my 120 Day Paleo Challenge. I feel like I have a lot of fails to report, however, my dear sweet hubby reminded me that I should give myself credit since I’ve been on vacation for weeks. Being away from my fridge AND around the influence of other family members and their food makes this sort of thing tough. I knew that. I even said that in my challenge announcement post. That said, I still need to own up to my fails. Here we go:

1. Too much coffee! Why, oh why is this so tough for me? Vacation means less time in bed for me and not so great sleep for the few hours I try to due to strange-bed/location-disease my kids seem to pick-up whenever we are away from home. In order to avoid falling asleep on the job and being a royal bitch, I turn to my warm and cozy friend time and time again. On the bright side, I’ve only been adding unsweetened coconut milk or natural heavy cream to my coffee…no sugar.

2. Sweets- in ninety days, I’ve had fewer than nine treats. That’s not horrible by any standard (especially on vacation), but it’s certainly not paleo. I’ve gone towards gluten free options when possible, but I’m not proud of myself.

3. Kids Food- I’m a total wuss. I fought a lot of good fights with family members to try to avoid having them offer my kids offensive food items. It seems as though people think that I’m robbing them of their childhood by looking out for their health. I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping them away from the pizza, chips, fruit snacks, etc. I did, however, end up allowing organic corn flakes with unsweetened coconut milk while camping, and the dreaded PB&J.

I’m sure there are more fails to report, but I’m going to stop obsessing about it (also it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted here, and I need to get the ball rolling again). I’m entering my final 30 days now (and they happen to be my final thirty days in my twenties- yikes!), and I’m kicking it into high gear. Wish me luck!

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