Recipe: Primal Hot Chocolate

Now that it’s getting chilly here in New York, I really crave something warm to drink at night.  Tea is okay, but it doesn’t always do the trick.  This primal treat is totally okay every night (at least IMHO) because I usually have mine completely unsweetened.  If you like yours sweet, just add maple syrup (as suggested), palm sugar, or raw honey. Enjoy!

Primal Hot Chocolate


-3/4 Mug Water (already boiling or fill with cold water and microwave 90 seconds)

-1 Tbs Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

-1 Tbs Unflavored Grass-fed Gelatin
(optional, but helps make it rich and adds some awesome nutrients)

-1 to 2 Tbs Heavy Cream or Coconut Milk (full fat coconut milk will make it creamier, but regular coconut milk will work too, especially if using gelatin)

– dash cinnamon (optional)

– dash salt (optional)

– splash grade B Maple Syrup (optional- I only add this if I want something sweet, but if you like really dark chocolate *think 85-90%* you will NOT need sweetener


Start with hot water or microwave cold water directly in mug (should be pretty much boiling). If you’re using gelatin, add it first and stir well to remove lumps. Add cocoa powder, salt, and cinnamon and blend until well combined. Add heavy cream or coconut milk, stir, and top with a dash of cinnamon.

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4 Responses to “Recipe: Primal Hot Chocolate”

  1. Loving the blog, and sincerely loving this recipe! The only struggle I’ve had with Paleo so far (and I’ve just gotten serious about it recently) is when that sweet tooth hits, and you kinda feel your quick easy options are limited. This is easy, and fantastic! Thanks!

    • Thank you! This hot chocolate almost makes me happy to live where it snows. I can hardly wait to enjoy some of this by the fireplace on the eve of our first snow! Glad you enjoyed it too. :)


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