Recipe: Super Simple Paleo Cauliflower Rice

If you are the type to gag at the thought of using frozen vegetables, or think it’s a terrible alternative to fresh vegetables, or whatever this probably isn’t a recipe for you (this blog might not be either? lol), If, however, you are the type that appreciates the finer points of frozen veggies, read on!)

Recipe: Super Simple Paleo Cauliflower Rice


One Bag Frozen Cauliflower

Butter or Coconut Oil for Sauteing


1.  Place frozen cauliflower in colander and run warm water over it until semi-defrosted.

2.  Take out handfuls of defrosted cauliflower and dump into this awesome Food Chopper, and pull the handle 10-15 times.

3.  Pour the “rice” into a saute pan, and cook using butter or coconut oil, and maybe even some garlic if you feel fancy :) Enjoy!







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