A Menu for Non-Paleo Houseguests

Last week my in-laws came in town for a couple of days. Any time we have company, I struggle over what to feed them. I always want to make people feel comfortable and welcome in our home, which means I tend to ask beforehand what they like to eat for breakfast, if there is anything special they want, etc. Unfortunately, most of our guests say bagels and fake fat-free non-dairy coffee creamer. Talk about internal struggle! I used to buy the bagels and whatever people wanted, but it really felt like feeing them something I know to be destructive was wrong on a lot of different levels. This time I didn’t buy the bagels and junk food (I did buy the coffee creamer, but baby steps, right?)!

I tried to select paleo(ish) meals that would go over well with my junk-food addicted father-in-law (who has terminal cancer, by the way, and it kills me watching him feed himself so poorly. He says it’s a quality of life thing for him and he just enjoys the junk too much to stop…ugh. But I digress). Anyway, he seemed to enjoy the meals below. Either that or he was too polite to tell me he didn’t like it. This didn’t prevent him from going to buy donuts one day and bringing soda to drink while he was awake watching movies until 2-3am, but at least I did my part!

What to Feed a Non-Paleo House Guest:

Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry with Super Simple Cauliflower Rice
•BBQ Pork Roast with Side Salad
Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Banana Bread
Primal Chocolate Mousse

What do you feed your sugar and grain addicted guests? Any tips on preventing things from getting awkward when you ask family and friends to stop bringing your kids candy and junk as “love treats?”

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2 Comments to “A Menu for Non-Paleo Houseguests”

  1. I meant to post this last week…I stopped trying to serve paleo food and buy them what they eat. It’s that whole stress thing…it wasn’t worth it for me.

    Not a very good answer, I know :-) Maybe that’s why I didn’t post it!

    • Totally understandable! On one hand, I feel kind of guilty feeding them stuff that I know is harmful. On the other hand, I know they think it’s a silly fad. If my kids weren’t so young, I’m not sure what I would do. Buying bagels for breakfast for company means my kids eat them (company thinks not eating them is silly) and I get to clean up poop for days!

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