How Quickly We (read: I) Forget Food {Quality} Matters

It’s been a long while since I’ve been in the blogging mood. I tried to post a bit last month, and if you read those posts you would know I’ve been working through some personal *ish.

Truth is, I’m pretty sure it was only going to be a matter of time before some tough blows added up and I would need some professional help. The thing I was wondering is why now? Why eighteen months after my preemie was born and my daughter moved in with her Father? Why almost two years into gainful employment after a painful stretch of unemployment?

I’ve decided three things made my crazy start when it did:

1. Making the switch to Paleo in January 2011 saved me from my own sort of emotional crazy only temporarily until I slacked off (in addition to healing some real physical health stuff).

2. Eating lower quality food when I started to reevaluate our budget (not grassfed, etc) made me care less about what I was eating (and made it less palatable in some ways).

3. Getting lax on eating Paleo over the Holidays because I cared less about the quality of my food (see #2) and because I felt like the weirdo that couldn’t “relax” and “live a little!” at family functions resulted in hormonal imbalances and strong (bad) food cravings to combat them.

Based only on what I’ve read on the interwebs, I’m pretty confident that I’m hormone sensitive. Eating conventionally raised meats messes with me. It just does. And once I start feeling off, I make bad food decisions. I was probably still 80%+ Paleo from December to February, but that 20% was filled in with some nasty stuff. No bueno.

I’m on the road to feeling better thanks to a few smart decisions, including seeking professional help via a therapist and babysitter, and laying off the coffee (which I’m pretty sure was making me bitchy)! After putting my gym clothes on for the first time in a month and seeing my less-svelte self, I had a realization: my food has got to get back to the good stuff. Not just eating “paleo,” but high quality food. My health is worth it*.

The other day I downloaded the 21 Day Sugar Detox from Balanced Bites. Kinda like these Paleo Gods, I like the idea of following a program. Diane’s Sugar detox is well laid out and has really simple recipes. I’m gearing up for it now, but I’m going to “officially” get started with a new group at the beginning of April so I can experience the whole group effort and motivation thing. I’m excited!

So yes, this post was written with one foot in my mouth. I realized I said “Paleo on a budget is possible” and I’m kinda back tracking. For anyone wondering, we did manage
to save a fair amount of money when I was being super strict about our food budget. I don’t plan to go crazy and have no food budget, but when I’ve done some additional math to determine a smart budget that allows us higher quality food, I will post on that. In the meantime, our first order from US Wellness Meats arrived yesterday, and I’m jazzed to make lunch soon!

Thanks for being patient these last couple of months… Mojo coming back slowly but surely! :)

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3 Comments to “How Quickly We (read: I) Forget Food {Quality} Matters”

  1. I hate losing food mojo. I like paleo concept, and i would surely love to ditch more bread and pasta in this house, at least, for me. but I tend to need to do things in moderation. I find all or nothing is bad for me, moderation is better. I find if I slowly increase the sheer amounts of fruits and veggies I eat in mass quantities via smoothies and spring rolls packed with good stuff, then I don’t have room for stuff I shouldn’t eat. But it takes vigilance for sure. Good luck to feeling better. Sorry for the *ish. I find the worst personal crap is always unbloggable, but I wish I could write about it because writing is so darn therapeutic. I got your back girl, no matter what.

    • “I find the worst personal crap is unbloggable.”

      Amen, Sista!
      With food, moderation with S.A.D. foods is bad news for me. Brings back all sorts of nasty health symptoms that just make me feel like crap and it ends up being a vicious cycle. Even fruit in large quantities presents health problems for me. I have to keep it totally clean with maybe a clean paleo treat here and there. When I do, I feel great and I’m able to stay out of the doctors office! You are totally right about filling up on the good stuff though; for me lots of high quality protein and vegetables does keep me full with little room for crap! :)

      Ps- thanks for having my back, ditto here, my friend. One day, we will be close enough to be more helpful to each other on the unbloggable *ish.

  2. PS. I freak out too if I eat nasty food from the store. I can handle about three doritos and after that I start losing my ability to cope. I understand.

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